Karen Orozco

My name is Karen Orozco and I am the Owner of Wags Away. I started Wags Away in 2005 but have been pet sitting since the 1990s, and I love it! I have always had a pet growing up, so when I moved out and my roommates would not allow pets, I had to find a way to fill the void in my life.

I was asked by a neighbor to watch her dogs while she went away, and fell in love with pet sitting. I enjoy staying at peoples houses and caring for their pets. My friend who hired me encouraged me to start a business caring for pets. She offered to help me by telling her clients. She did and it started to take off. I have been in management since I was 18. I learned so much from it that I applied it to my business. Wags Away specializes in overnight pet sitting, house sitting, pet sitting visits, dog sitting, and cat sitting.


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