COVID-19 Precautions

Until this virus is under control, we still have all COVID-19 safety precautions in place (as per the CDC). While on the job, we continue to wear masks, wash hands and use our own leash when possible. We don’t allow strangers to pet your dogs while out on walks, and any other dogs will be avoided. We ask that all clients please sanitize their homes prior to service, especially doorknobs and bathrooms.

Please notify us if:

Anyone in the home has shown respiratory signs or fever

Anyone in the home has been in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19

Anyone in the home has a high risk of occupational exposure to COVID-19 (for example, an emergency room physician)

Anyone in the home (or their close contacts) have a history of international travel (including to the US or Canada)

Keep in mind that we are not only trying to protect ourselves; we are also protecting you, our other clients and other people we are in contact with.

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